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Final Conference and ImpENSA Training Programme Launch

Final Conference and ImpENSA Training Programme Launch

After more than two years of virtual meetings, finally we met again Face-to-Face at the Final Conference in a lovely town of Stellenbosch, South Africa. A number of achievements were celebrated this time. Amazing feedback from participants of the Training and Piloting programme was received and reported by WP 5 team. While travelling is possible again, we discussed the opportunity to organise „The Conversion Course to the Face-to-Face Training for Healthy Conversation Skills (HCS) Coordinators“ later this year for a larger group of participants with key roles in reaching out to local HCPs. DES team also laid out concrete business and social enterprise plan to assure the smooth transition and impact of the programme from end of the project going forward.

The most exciting moment of this trip would be the launch of the ImpENSA Programme where over 100 participants attended the event in person and online. We would like to thank our prominent keynote speakers for highlighting the importance of our project to HCPs in South Africa; and consortium partners for beautifully sharing their wonderful experience behind the production of our e-learning platform. Last but not least, thanks to SUN team for your hard work behind the organisation of this fruitful meeting and the memorable programme launch this time.

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